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Dare to be adventurous! Gorgeous Cosmetics’ Neon palette is a must have for any makeup lover. This palette contains 8 highly pigmented, exclusive shades from our Colour Pro pigments. These versatile, super blendable shades can be worn alone for a pop of color or mixed to create unique shades to match your outfit or your mood. 

Shades include: 
Buttercup – Bright Yellow with a gold sheen 
OJ – Yellow based orange with a matte finish 
Orange – Intense reddish orange with a matte finish 
Grapewine – Matte bright pink-purple 
Cosmopolitan – Powdery pink with a matte finish 
Royal Regalia – Deep blue-purple in a matte satin finish
Electric Dream – Matte bright blue 
Leprechaun – Matte bright green

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