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Limited Edition Holiday Palette! 
Only available through the holidays, or until sold out.


This is the perfect fun summer palette that combines beautiful pops of colour with everyday nudes. Use Sesame and Rhubarb to contour and warm the face and eyes and Toffee Shine or Nude to highlight and brighten. The other shades can be used as washes of colour over the eye packed on for more vibrant pops of colour to bring summer vibes into your makeup routine.

Shades Included: 

Electric Dream – Matte bright blue
Leprechaun – Matte bright green
Rhubarb – Warm rose with sheer glow
Goldfish – Peachy orange with a slight gold sheen
Buttercup – Bright yellow with a gold sheen
Sesame – Matte finish peachy brown
Toffee Shine – Glowing light gold
Nude – Pale peachy pink with a matte finish

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