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Beyond Just A Base...Base Perfect Liquid Foundation

Posted on September 18 2023

As the world of tech races ahead, shouldn’t your beauty routine keep pace?

Let us introduce you to the future: Base Perfect Liquid Foundation. Designed especially for all skin types, of any age, this isn't just makeup; it's a technological marvel for your skin.

Our secret? A concoction rich in light-diffusing pigments that offers you a photo-ready finish every time.

But let's get to the heart of every foundation - the shade. Base Perfect caters to a diverse range of complexions, from '00N Very light fair, beige' paired perfectly with '01-PP Powder Perfect' to the deeper tones of '16N Deep neutral' which shines with '12-PP Powder Perfect'. Whether you're a '5W Medium light golden' or a '14W Deep warm', we've got the perfect Powder Perfect match for you, ensuring your shade and finish are always in harmony.

Application is a breeze:

  1. Start with a dab of First Base Foundation primer using your fingers.
  2. With Base Perfect’s rich pigmentation, a little goes a long way.
  3. Blend using our Buff Brush (#037) for an airbrushed effect or the Foundation Brush (#025) for impeccable coverage.
  4. For days you wish for a lighter touch, a sponge is your best ally.
  5. And for that long-lasting sheen? A gentle dusting with your matched Powder Perfect using Brush #030 keeps you dazzling all day long.


Dive into the future and celebrate a radiant tomorrow with makeup that truly understands you!


Find your Perfect Match:

00N Very light fair, beige.

Try it with 01-PP Powder Perfect


0C Light fair, beige.

Try it with 01-PP Powder Perfect


1W Light fair, golden.

Try it with 01-PP or 03-PP Powder Perfect


2C Light beige.

Try it with 03-PP Powder Perfect


3N Light neutral warm.

Try it with 03-PP Powder Perfect


5W Medium light golden.

Try it with 03-PP Powder Perfect


6N Medium warm honey.

Try it with 03-PP or 06-PP Powder Perfect


7W Medium warm golden.

Try it with 04-PP Powder Perfect


8C Medium cool beige.

Try it with 04-PP or 06-PP Powder Perfect


10N Neutral tan.

Try it with 07-PP Powder Perfect


11W Warm tan.

Try it with 06-PP or 07-PP Powder Perfect


12W True tan.

Try it with 09-PP Powder Perfect


13C Deep tan.

Try it with 09-PP or 10-PP Powder Perfect


14W Deep warm.

Try it with 10-PP Powder Perfect


15C Deep cool.

Try it with 10-PP or 12-PP Powder Perfect


16N Deep neutral.

Try it with 12-PP Powder Perfect